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Transparent, elastic, single-component varnish, suitable for application on most types of surfaces: stone, slate, concrete, marble, granite, limestone, wood, metal and more.
After applying the material, a transparent layer is formed on the surface of a kind of delicate and transparent film, which compares to some of the surfaces with a crystalline appearance.
The material can be applied internally and externally - high sun resistance.

Application instructions:

The surface to be applied must be clean and dry !!
It is recommended to scrub the surface with a rotary and scotch machine or alternatively using AMDI or AMD6 (depending on the type of surface)
Wait at least a day between finishing the scrubbing and smearing the material.



בטון לכה3.jpg
בטון לכה2.jpg
בטון לכה1.jpg

שיש/אבן עם לכה v-1 ואנטי סליפ 

עץ/ דק עם לכה v-1 ואנטי סליפ  

שיש אבן לכה2.jpg
שיש אבן לכה1.jpg
עץ לכה2.jpg
עץ לכה1.jpg

אריחי טרצו  

טרצו לכה1.jpg
טרצו לכה2.jpg
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