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Sealer is a product that reduces absorbency from surfaces such as marble, granite, stone, terrazzo floors, sesame etc'.
It is highly recommended to apply such surfaces with sealers and to reduce their absorbency and thus reduce their exposure to stains.
There are two main types of sealers:

A. "Transparent" sealers - that do not change the visibility of the applied surface, ie the surface before the sealer is applied and after the application will remain visually unchanged.
B. sealers that provide "wet-look" appearance. 

Our "S-1" sealer is a leading sealant with viscosity and appearance of water. it belongs to the "penetrating gasket" types,  leaving no marks on the applied surface, and after its application is chemically compounded with the top layer of the surface.
Sealer S-1 has many advantages:
- Protects against moisture
- Increases stone surface resistance to erosion
- Reduces the effect of calcium hydrogen blooms (EFFLORESCENCE)
- Reduces staining
- Durable in all weather conditions over time
- Not flammable
- Easy to apply
- odorless and colorless
- Environmentally friendly and user friendly

Application Preparation:
The surface intended for the application must be clean and dry. The surface can be cleaned using AMDI or AMD6 (depending on the type of surface).

Application instructions:The material can be applied by brushing, impregnation, or spraying according to the user's convenience - its viscosity is like water. Wait 5-10 minutes after application and then wipe the surface well with a cloth until it is completely dry (this is very important!).curing should be allowed for 24 hours after application, before its exposure to moisture. Do not apply the material if the surface temperature is less than 7 degrees or higher than 30 degrees. Therefore, it is not recommended to apply the material in an external application at noon but in the early morning.Note: Excess material should be wiped off the surface before drying or else a white-colored precipitate will form on the surface - which can be removed easily by scrubbing with scotch/steel wool.joints filling (grout ) should be treated at least 72 hours after the complete drying of the tile.Sealing of concrete surfaces, castings, etc. only after finishing the surface curing. When applying the material on the walls,  protect aluminum and glass, the contact of the sealer with these two materials can cause damage to them since the material is alkaline. For most surfaces, one application layer is usually sufficient. For particularly absorbent surfaces, additional layers may be required.* An average liter coverage is about  15 sqm pending on surface absorption.

Our AMC6 - Wet Look Sealer is a sophisticated liquid that reduces the absorbance of natural surfaces such as:
Marble, granite, slate, limestone, sandstone, and more.
The material seals the applied surface and emphasizes the natural texture of the applied surface
And highlights the natural texture of the applied surface.
Applying the material reduces the surface staining option.
The material can be applied by brushing, impregnating, or spraying. Do not dilute the liquid.
Before applying the material, make sure that the surface intended for handling is completely dry and clean

The material should be applied until the surface is saturated and no longer absorbs the material until a "uniform layer" is obtained.
It is advisable not to step on the surface 24 hours after application.
When working with the material, make sure the working environment is ventilated as the material has a strong odor
It is advisable to work with protective measures: gloves, respirators, goggles.
The cover capacity of 1 liter is about 15 square meters.
The material is flammable !!

Before applying the material to the intended surface, the material should be applied to a small section or side / hidden corner, ensuring that the desired result is obtained.

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