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Marble and stone tiles are natural floorings. Their main advantage is reflected by the natural, warm look they provide the house.

"floor makes the house".

on the other hand, they require care and maintenance such as sealing, polishing, grinding, etc.

If the floor has undergone crystal polishing, it is recommended to use an AM9 Crystal preserver to rinse the floor. The material contains a special resin that preserves the crystalline shine over time.

It is recommended that the surface is treated with sealer once every few years - depending on the absorbency of the surface, in order to reduce the surface's chance of absorbing stains.

Do not clean these surfaces with acidic materials! These materials can burn and even scratch the surface.

In any case of liquid spilled on the surface, wipe as quickly as possible. Liquids that accumulate on the surface for a long time can cause stains: wine, juice, coffee, garbage bags, etc.

It is recommended to apply crystal polish once every two to three years, so we will get:

A. A kind of layer that protects the surface.

B. Floor with "wet look".

It is desirable to cover table legs and chairs with matching rubber covers so that scratches are avoided as they are dragged on the surface.

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