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Filling the joints is very important, and therefore this operation is required according to the Israeli standard - 1555H3.

Most often, the material used to fill the joints is grout.

The standard requires the opening of 3 mm joints, it is recommended to use spacers - so that the joints are uniform. The importance of the grout:

A. Functions as a kind of "shock absorber" - the ground moves, followed by the building on its foundations and walls. The grout absorbs these shocks and prevents fragments of tiles.

B. The grout functions as a sealant, and filling the joint with grout prevents water from entering the substrate under the floor.

There are several types of grout , in the case of swimming pools, saunas, etc. Or very wide joints - 5mm - it is recommended to use an epoxy grout that is also more durable.

It is important to emphasize that it is very difficult to apply epoxy grout - because of the short working time. And also because it is difficult to clean it if there are any remnants left on the flooring after the application of the grout. Therefore, when an epoxy grout is required it is highly recommended to use a professional with experience working with epoxy materials.

The most common grout for use in housing / residential units is acrylic grout. It is very important to follow the grout preparation instructions according to the manufacturer's instructions. And especially make sure to add water to the powder (and not opposite powder into water) at the rate and amount that the manufacturer recommends and mix the mixture well for use. The mixing action will determine how uniform, strong, and effective the mixture will be.
Another important point, it is recommended to allow the grout curing of 4-3 days before exposing it to water/cleaning, etc.
The grout is actually a cementing material with various additives, most types of grout absorb dirt. therefore its recommended to clean the grout
 periodically. An effective material for the task is called "ADMI".

After cleaning the grout, it is recommended to brush the joint with "Sealer S-1", a transparent sealer that reduces the absorbency of the grout and thus inhibits it's dirtying

עמישר עולם של פתרונות לריצוף שיש אבן קרמיקה ואריחי פורצלן

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