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highly Concentrated liquid for removing and scrubbing organic residues for self-use, no professional required, effective for scrubbing greased flooring surfaces and organic dirt residue over flooring surface.

The material is intended for use on ceramic flooring, porcelain tiles, anti-slip flooring, marble, stone, sesame terrazzo floors, etc. Dilute the material with water as needed to a ratio of a maximum of 1/10 (1 part AMD6, 10 parts water), pour the mixture on the surface, and leave it for at least 10 minutes. The material "layers" on the surface and eliminates the organic leftovers from the surface.

The surface can then be cleaned using a scrubbing machine or manually with a nylon brush.

After cleaning, rinse the surface well with water to neutralize the material. The material can also be used without dilution, depending on the level of dirt on the floor.

Before applying any material to any flooring, we recommend that you apply a small/hidden section and make sure you get the desired result.

AMD6 is also effective for use in an additional variety of tasks such as cleaning pots, leather chairs, gas stoves and more.

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