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Preventive treatments

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SEALER S-1  a  sophisticated Liquid with the appearance and viscosity of water , used to reduce the absorption of marble, granite, terrazzo tiles,  Sesame tiles , stone, silicate, chipped stone, concrete, and more.

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SEALER  AMC6 a solvent based sealer that reduces the absorption of natural surfaces such as:Marble, granite, slate, limestone, and more.

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A special spray material to reduce slippery from walking surfaces.

Suitable for interior and exterior flooring such as marble, ceramic, terrazzo / sesame, wood and more.
Balanspray Creates a "granular" layer, dries quickly, is also suitable for stairs. Blanspray can be removed if necessary using AMD6 from certain surfaces.

Instructions for use  :

Before applying Balanspray, scrub the surface with AMD6,

The material must be applied on a clean & dry surface.

shaken the tin well for a minute before use.

(If after a minute shaking, the mixing ball does not sound in the spray, do not use the product, contact the supplier from whom the product was purchased and replace it)

Spray from a distance of about 30 cm. Two layers can be sprayed, allowing drying between layers . During application, the spray tank should be shaken well every 5 minutes.

Before applying to the whole area, it is recommended to test  the material in a hidden side corner, to confirm the desired result is acheived.



A special formulation to reduce slippery from internal and external surfaces such as : natural stone, marble, terrazzo / sesame tiles and more. The material creates a micro granular layer, dries quickly, also suitable for stairs.

Instructions for use  :

Before applying Balanstone, scrub the surface with AMD6,

The material must be applied on a clean & dry surface.

Shake well container before application, spray the material upon sections of  3-4 sqm'  at a time , flatten with a roller to obtain a wet uniform surface, wait 5-10 minutes as needed, and rinse well with water.

Ensure a ventilated work environment, and be careful that excess spray does not come into contact with the body.

After applying Balanstone, it is advisable to wait a day to fully dry of the applied surface, and to apply S-1 sealer to reduce the surface's absorbency.

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