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Sophisticated liquid designed to reduce slippery from ceramic flooring and porcelain tiles such as bathrooms, balconies, walkways, etc.

Balance Benefits:

• Does not visually change the appearance of the surface - the surface after the application looks as it was before.

• Simple and fast application without the need for professional contractors

• Instant results - immediately after application the surface can be used

• The process is durable for several years and is not affected by natural hazards such as sun, cold, heat, etc.

דוגמא לאישרור ביצוע עבודה על ידי  מכון התקנים
דוגמא לאישרור ביצוע עבודה על ידי  מכון התקנים

Application instructions:

1. The applied surface should be clean and dry (recommended to wash and dry a day before).

2. The bottle must be shaken well before use (this allows good mixing of the solids contents in the material).

3. The material should be sprayed evenly until the surface is wet and uniform (do not leave "puddles").

4. After leaving the material upon the surface for 45 seconds to 2 minutes, rinse with water.

5. Before applying the entire surface, test the material on a spare tile or hidden / side corner to determine how long the material should be remained and ensure the desired result.

6. It is recommended to work on small sections at a time and not to work on large areas

7. Prolonged exposure of the material on the tile may cause the tile to be exposed to excessive absorption of dirt and other undesirable effects.

8. the treatment might reduce shine off glossy / lapato tiles.

9. This material is for ceramics and porcelain tiles only.

During 2005, the Israeli Standard institution published stan. No. 2279.

The standard specifies and determines the resistance level of floor surfaces and defines a "hazardous surface", its required scale, and what tests are required to ensure compliance thus minimizing the risk of slipping.

The EU and Occupational Safety & Health Administration report determines that the second cause of "unnatural death" after car accidents was caused by falling and slipping.

The U.S. Department of Labor (BLS) published in its official report that over 220,000 workers and employees are annually injured as a result of wet floor surfaces only In the US.

The issue of slippage covers the entire economy, including national security, divisions of bodily injury, and property damage in the Ministry of Health, Legal Claims, and Insurance Companies.

As a result of the slippage and fall, compensation is paid for hundreds of millions of shekels.

דוגמא לאישרור ביצוע עבודה על ידי  מכון התקנים

More than half of the slipping occurs while walking on unsafe surfaces, which don’t meet any European / US or Israeli required standard.

The damage caused by slipping and falling is mainly due to flooring that is not suitable for its purpose and is a real danger. This leaves us two choices:

1. Replacing the existing surface with flooring that suits its purpose.

2. Professional treatment of the existing surface, thereby minimizing the potential damage.

Balance is a unique product because of its special chemical reaction upon the tile.

A  flexible alloy chips of noble metals is " planted" on the glaze, thus increasing the friction coefficient to the required standard set by the American Standards Institute OSHA A.S.T.M, European Standard EU. Directive 89/654, Israeli Standard 2279, And international regulations like LPRL 31/95.

דוגמא לאישרור ביצוע עבודה על ידי  מכון התקנים

Balance anti Slip Process:

A-Does not change visually the appearance of the tile after application, the tile will look exactly as it was before,

B-Does not significantly affect the shining level (except very shiny tiles & lappato tiles)

C-Results are instant, the surface can be used immediately after application is completed,

D-The process is durable for several years and is not affected by natural hazards such as sun, heat, cold, etc.

Before applying the entire surface, we recommend testing the material on a hidden or side corner in order to determine the proper timing of the material on the floor for the desired result.

conditions to preserve the treatment :

1. Daily maintenance should be cleaned with AMGR / AMGR+

2. Once in a while (as needed) the floor should be cleaned with AMD6, to remove fats and dirt that fills & covers the chemical reaction, and thus canceling the nonskid features.

3. It is recommended not to use strong acidic materials to clean and maintain the applied surface.

4. Do not use detergents that contain wax to clean the applied surface. The wax fills & covers the chemical reaction, and thus canceling the nonskid features.

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