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A unique formulated enzyme, for the removal of organic leftovers. Easy to use ( D.I.Y ) efficient for floor surfaces and more.

AMD6 is Designed for usage on ceramic floors, porcelain tiles, anti-slip flooring, marble, stone, terrazzo, sesame, etc.
Dilute the material with water as needed with a ratio of 1/10 (part 1 material, 9 parts water) , dissolve the mixture on the surface, and leave it on the for at least 10 minutes. The material "settles" on the surface and eliminates the leftovers off the surface. (The material can also be used without dilution, depending on the level of dirt adhering on the floor).
The surface can then be cleaned using a manual brush or scrubber and washed well with water to neutralize the material.

prior to using the material, it is recommended to teat a small, hidden corner to make sure desired result is achieved.

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