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sealer AMC6 the magic product

Hi Amir, sealer AMC6 is a Magic Material !! I do not have enough words to thank you for your attitude and professionalism. And, most of all, the AMC6 you recommended to me, gave an amazing result. The result I even dreamed of. Thanks again, Amir usfiya.


To Amishar Company.
On behalf of the main chef - Omar, the kitchen workers and all the users of the dining room we thank the Balance.
I couldn't believe that we could apply the balance by ourselves so easily and the next day we would feel the difference.
Well done
The kitchen has become a safe place and the employees are not slipping.



hello amir .
I do not have enough words to thank you for the service, patience and professionalism !!!
I couldn't believe that it is possible to get rid of the annoying stain from my marble with the magical AMD6 product that I highly recommend to anyone to keep at home.
I'm so glad I listened to your recommendation and after removing the stain I spreaded all the marble with your S-1 sealer, because preventative care will save me lots of problems in the future.
Now my marble is protected and I'm much calmer. (And it looks great thanks to your emulsion, a great material.
thank you so much :)

Ronit N. cell

security to the third age - a commandment

Good evening amir.
We reached you through my dad in the sheltered house that you did anti-slip in the bathroom.
first of all thank you very much.
Giving security to the third age is a real commandment. The grips in the bathroom were not enough for my father and now after the anti-slip treatment we all feel much safer.
The tiles we spray with Balance at home - are like magic.

I didn't believe i could do it myself with the material you suggested - it didn't make sense to me
But you were right.
The quantity was enough for me too - and the result was a real pleasure.
It's fun for me to wash the house and know they won't slip.
Thank you,
Shlomit Regev Ramat Poleg, Netanya.


Hey Amir ,
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!
We waited until the rains came to test your anti-slip results.

"Too Good to be True" !!!
After trying different materials, thanks Google for recommending Balance.
the entrance to our house finally after 5 years does not slip!
I no longer yell at the kids to be careful not to slip.
My people thank you and say that your service is a " bomb ".
many thanks,
Ami and Sivan, Zichron Yaacov.


Hi Amir, first of all your S1 sealer is just great! Easy application friendly and does the job well. The water bubbles simply "travel" on the surface and are not absorbed. The AMD6 material we applied before the S1 cleaned every possible stain. Your sealer keeps our traventine.
In our opinion, even better than previous sealer we used. And of course, just as important thanks for the much patience you have for all the questions we asked.
Abihai and Mira, Borgata.

לדף הבית

עמישר עולם של פתרונות לריצוף שיש אבן קרמיקה ואריחי פורצלן

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